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Lead sheet – The Facts


  • Over 95% of lead sheet product can be reclaimed at the end of a buildings lifespan
  • All reclaimed lead sheet can be recycled into new products without loss of performance
  • Recycling involves no solvents and supports environmental strategies
  • Recycling (due to lead’s low melting point) requires low energy and supports the Kyoto protocol
  • All by-products created during re-processing can be recycled
  • Life cycle analysis proves a superior environmental profile compared with any suggested substitutes
  • Alternatives do not provide the same application performance ie. fit and forget
  • Proven longevity of product applications over centuries of use


Lead sheet is indisputably one of the greatest building materials.

For centuries, it has been used to cover the roofs of cathedrals, churches and public buildings and there are countless other applications of lead sheet on houses and offices throughout the United Kingdom.

When detailed and fitted correctly, lead sheet has proved to be a reliable long life material, with outstanding durability - even in the most severe weather conditions.  Lead sheet is not only ideally suited for the renewal of roof coverings on old and historic buildings it is also the perfect material for modern roofing and cladding applications and remains a popular material for flashing and weathering applications as it can easily be cut and fitted using only a few simple hand tools.  Its extreme malleability makes it the ideal material for dressing over complicated shapes, particularly the multi-curved contours of many roofing tiles.

It must be remembered that lead is a naturally occurring element within the earth’s crust and is one of the easiest materials to recycle.

Lead has been viewed over the years as posing risks to health, but lead sheet used and disposed of correctly will not pose any risks.  Here at C&D Roofing Ltd we pride ourselves in our professionalism and our on site health and safety is paramount in everything we do, to include the safe disposal of old lead to the safe application of its replacement and repair.

Lead sheeting has a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and newly installed lead sheet forms a natural patina (ie. surface protective film) that is both strong and adherent.


Any miniscule quantities of lead washed off during the lifetime of a roof become highly diluted in rainwater and, as lead remains inert in  both soil and in the beds of watercourses, the combination of correctly designed and installed gutters and drainage systems means that bio-diversity with the eco-system is extremely limited.


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