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Our unrivalled choice of flat roof waterproofing systems is one of the reasons that C&D Roofing Ltd is the preferred contractor for so many manufacturers, building managers, local authorities and managing agents across the UK. Read More...


Replicating the appearance of traditional clay, concrete or slate tiles, lightweight roof tiles comprise a galvanised steel core protected by a resilient, multi-layer coating and stone or powder-coated finish. The result is a roof tile which is typically one seventh the weight of traditional alternatives. Read More...

C&D Roofing Ltd pride themselves on their unrivalled quality and fitting of all modern roofing systems but especially the master trade and older craftsmanship of our lead work department, which forms a large part of the business. Read More...



Our intelligent balcony coating systems protect and waterproof communal walkways and

balconies, prolonging the life of the existing substrate and reducing the risk of expensive and inconvenient damage.




•    Walkable after 2-3 hours*

•    2-3 coat seamless waterproofing membrane

•    Easy to apply and detail

•    Low textured, slip resistant finish

•    Long term durability

•    Colour choice available


* Curing times (at 20° C): 2 hours for Basecoat only. 3 hours for Basecoat plus Primer. Sealercoat walkable after a further 90 mins.



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